Drupal 9.2.0 is available

Drupal Main Content - 16 June 2021 - 8:48pm
What’s new in Drupal 9.2.0?

The second feature release of Drupal 9 helps keep your site even more secure, and comes with increased visitor privacy protection, improved migration tools from Drupal 7, enhancements to the Olivero frontend theme and early support for the WebP image format.

Download Drupal 9.2.0

Security and privacy improvements

Critical security advisories and public service announcements will now be displayed on the status report page and certain administration pages for the site's administrators. This helps prepare site owners to apply security fixes in a timely manner. For increased privacy protection of your site visitors, Drupal 9.2.0 now blocks Google Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) cookie-less user tracking by default.

Better building blocks out of the box

The Olivero theme, soon to be Drupal's new default frontend theme, has dozens of major improvements in this release, including a new form design and various accessibility fixes. The built-in Umami demo is now also more flexible with a built-in editor role and more versatile Layout Builder demonstration.

On the way to Drupal 10

In preparation for Drupal 10, all Symfony 5 and and several Symfony 6 compatibility issues have been resolved. As part of modernizing the frontend of Drupal 9, core's Tour feature now uses ShepherdJS instead of jQuery Joyride. This significantly improves accessibility of tours and removes one more reliance on jQuery.

Other improvements

The already stable migration path from Drupal 7 is now expanded with migrations for user settings, node/user reference fields and other previously missing pieces.

Drupal's GD toolkit integration, and, therefore image styles, can now manage WebP images. There is more to do for complete WebP support. Stay tuned for improvements in future releases.

Sneak peek at future core features

The upcoming core CKEditor 5 upgrade is being worked on in a contributed project. Progress has been made on various aspects of the roadmap, and the project is near to completing all issues identified as requirements for tagging a beta release. Core inclusion is expected in Drupal 9.3.0, but contributed projects are requested to build compatibility ahead of that.

The Automated Updates Initiative has been very active in the repositories under https://github.com/php-tuf building a PHP implementation of The Update Framework (TUF) with Typo3 and Joomla developers to provide signing and verification for secure PHP application updates. Results will be included with later Drupal releases.

Check out the initiative keynotes from DrupalCon North America 2021 on what else is in the works.

What does this mean for me? Drupal 9 site owners

Drupal 9.0.x is now out of security coverage. Update at least to 9.1.x to continue to receive security support.

Drupal 8 site owners

Update to at least 8.9.x to continue receiving bug fixes until Drupal 8's end of life in November 2021. The next bug-fix release (8.9.17) is scheduled for July 7, 2021. (See the release schedule overview for more information.) Versions of Drupal 8 before 8.9.x no longer receive security coverage.

With only five months left until the end of life of Drupal 8, we suggest that you upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 as soon as possible. Upgrading is supported directly from 8.8.x and 8.9.x. Of the top 1000 most used drupal.org projects, 94% are updated for Drupal 9, so the modules and themes you rely on are most likely compatible.

Drupal 7 site owners

Drupal 7 is supported until November 28, 2022, and will continue to receive bug and security fixes throughout this time. From November 2022 until at least November 2025, the Drupal 7 Vendor Extended Support program will be offered by vendors.

On the other hand, the migration path for Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 9 is stable. Read more about the migration to Drupal 9.

Translation, module, and theme contributors

Minor releases like Drupal 9.2.0 include backwards-compatible API additions for developers as well as new features.

Since minor releases are backwards-compatible, modules, themes, and translations that supported Drupal 9.1.x and earlier will be compatible with 9.2.x as well. However, the new version does include some changes to strings, user interfaces, internal APIs and API deprecations. This means that some small updates may be required for your translations, modules, and themes. Read the 9.2.0 release notes for a full list of changes that may affect your modules and themes.

This release has further advanced the Drupal project and represents the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and contributors from various organizations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Drupal 9.2.0!

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Delivering an Industry Leading Search Experience for CarsIreland.ie

Drupal Main Content - 10 June 2021 - 9:23pm
Completed Drupal site or project URL: https://www.carsireland.ie/

Cars Ireland is Ireland's largest new and used vehicles classifieds website. With a catalogue of over 50,000 vehicles available from dealers and private sellers, the Cars Ireland website is a 24-hour business.

Together with the teams at Cars Ireland and Each & Other, Annertech partnered to redesign and rebuild Cars Ireland’s digital platform – CarsIreland.ie.

Following an extensive UX and Design process, Annertech took on the project to bring the research and design to life. The Cars Ireland website is, at its core, a search interface. The focus of the project was to create a search interface which was faster and more effective than Cars Ireland’s competitors.

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Drupal 9 powered solution for Aster Hospitals

Drupal Main Content - 25 May 2021 - 6:39pm
Completed Drupal site or project URL: https://asterhospitals.in/

Aster Hospitals is a healthcare provider offering primary to quaternary care hospitals, pharmacies, digital health, and more with their global network in the Middle East and India. Their vision is to bring great healthcare within reach for millions of people.

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Her Campus Media

Drupal Main Content - 12 May 2021 - 7:26am
Completed Drupal site or project URL: https://www.hercampusmedia.com/How Her Campus Media Increased Subscribers by 72% Compelling content—and Mailchimp’s Drupal integration—helps the media company stay relevant to their community.

Founded by 3 Harvard undergraduate students in 2009, Her Campus Media empowers women to get the most out of their college career through editorial and social content, conferences, resources, training, and networking. They now have chapters on more than 500 campuses in 11 countries, helping women navigate their college life and career prospects.

Her Campus Media connects their corporate clients like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Microsoft with their large Gen Z audience through marketing programs, their own media brands (Her Campus, College Fashionista, InfluenceHer Collective, Generation Hired, and Spoon University), sponsored events, influencer programs, and more.

Her Campus Media has 49,000 community members made up of student contributors, influencers, and brand ambassadors, who create the content that college women consume. They boast a large digital footprint of 19 million unique monthly visitors to their sites, 130 million social followers, and 5 media portfolio brands.

Within this student community are several distinct subgroups with their own goals, identities, and messaging. For example, Her Campus Media's Campus Trendsetters serve as sample groups for market research in return for product sneak peeks and exclusive opportunities for professional experience.

Co-founder, Cheif Product Officer, and Creative Director Annie Wang says Her Campus Media is a longtime Mailchimp user. They stay top of mind for their audience by building authentic brand affinity and word-of-mouth, and email is their main marketing source. “It’s an essential tool for us to organize and communicate with our communities,” says Annie. “There wouldn't be a Her Campus without our chapters and our student members.”

The inbox is a sacred space… so we want to make sure that people who are receiving these emails find them of value.

— Annie Wang, Co-Founder, CPO, and Creative Director of Her Campus Media

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